Brownlee Triathlon

29th September 2017

On Tuesday 26th September, 20 children from Year 5 and Year 6 competed in a mini-triathlon event held by the Brownlee Foundation at Willesden Sports Centre.


Salusbury were joined by a number of different schools around Brent, which made the day very exciting for everyone involved.


The children’s first event was swimming, which they had to swim 50m around the perimeter off the pool. Once they had completed the swim, they moved onto the cycling. The children had to do two laps of the grass course which was approximately 800m. After the cycle, their last event was to run 300m. They were greeted by both Alistair and Jonny Brownlee at the finish line, where they were cheering them on!


All 20 children were given a medal and a t-shirt once they had completed all three events, where they were able to take photos and get autographs of the two Olympic medallists.


A big thank you to all the parents that helped bring the children to and from Willesden Sports Centre and those who came to support.


Congratulations to the following girls and boys from Year 5 and Year 6!


Year 5:                                                                    Year 6:

Malik                    De-Wayne                                Zac                    Esther           

Jake                      Da-Jae                                       Riley                  Maya

Oliver                   Genevieve                                Jacob                Heloise

Ana Sofia             Rosie                                         Luca                  Elodie

Joseph                 Libby                                          Andrea             Nyra