December 2016 Gambia - achievements and politics

Gambia faces a troubling christmas and new year as the president of 22 years tries to cling to power despite the victory at the polls of an opposition coalition under Adama Barrow. Gambian teachers are directly affected: they have strongly supported the new president--elect, and stand exposed if he unleashes violence. 
In Mbollet-Ba, our partner school, the community is sufficiently distant from the capital that we can quite confidently hope that there will be no spill-over of any unrest. But we are, nevertheless, through our partnership, connected to a momentous struggle. Salusbury community members who have been at Mbollet keep in touch, share news, and support our Gambian friends in this difficult moment in whatever ways we can. 
Fortunately we are linked to the peaceful and progressive story of the new nursery rooms - pictured here. They are now ready to welcome their first pupils in January. In parallel to a story of tension and possible disturbances, we have been able to assure a vastly better set of opportunities for 100 small children at the school. Thanks to the support of the Salusbury community.