Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Each week Early Years Parents receive a bulletin (either reception or nursery as applicable) in addition to the whole school newsletter. If you are not receiving this please make sure we have your latest e-mail address. Paper copies can also be provided each week on request.
July 17 - The nursery have had chickens and  tadpoles and now it was the turn of the caterpillar!
The children have found out lots about the life cycle of the butterfly through close up observation of real caterpillars and lots of fun activities around the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar
Nursery went to the library today on 26th May. The children had fun reading books in the library before scanning them to take home. They then listened to the librarian who read them a story

Nursery places 2017-18

As a  result of government funding changes we will be offering 30 free full-time nursery places from September 2017. Full details can be seen in the letter below. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask Liz in the office who will be able to give you more information.

The Police Officers from Wembley Police Station came to school on Feb 6th and Reception really enjoyed learning about their job. They told us about the different ways they protect the community and make sure that people follow the law.
Children tried on their uniforms and asked lots of interesting questions.
The fire fighters from North Kensington Fire Station came to school today on Feb 1st and Reception LOVED learning about their job. They tried on their uniforms, asked questions and had a go at spraying the hose

Nursery went to the farm this week! The children had a fantastic trip to Kentish Town Farm where not only did they see animals close up they got to grind flour, see a pigeon egg straight from it's nest and find tadpoles!

Chris our farm guide said how well behaved and inquisitive they were- well done nursery!