At Salusbury we regularly use drama and other real-life experiences as a vehicle for our writing. We believe that the use of high quality texts and real-life experiences increases enjoyment, expands childrens vocabulary and leads to better reading and writing.
At Salusbury children have the opportunity to work with the Primary Shakespeare company, Story-Lab and other drama workshops through the year.
The Primary Shakespeare Company sends theatre practitioners into primary schools across London. Each year a different play is chosen and the children both investigate and perform it. At first, pupils and teachers watch a professional performance of the play, to familiarise them with the story and to provide a bench-mark for standards of performance. Then, the practitioner leads the children in a workshop that investigates the play and explores the work of Shakespeare.
The play is  broken down into sections and each school in the borough is allocated a different segment to perform. After this, during a series of  rehearsals, the children will work with the director on their section of the play and prepare it for performance. Finally, they will come together with the other schools from their borough to create a festival during which the play is re-assembled, with each school performing their part of the whole play.
Below is a video of some of our work with the Shakespeare company.