Headteacher’s 8th Newsletter

21st April 2016

Salusbury Primary School Headteacher’s 8th Newsletter 20.04.16


Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope you all had a great holiday, and, as you will know by now, Salusbury is officially a GOOD school and the Ofsted report is on the website and in the public domain. I would like to record my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support (especially those of you who have stuck with us through thick and thin since April 2012): as you will have read in the report parents were overwhelmingly positive about the school.


Headteacher Appointment

Debby Rigby, our new Headteacher will be visiting regularly after half-term (June onwards) and meeting with me and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure a smooth transition. I know that some of you have already met her but I also know that some of you are not sure who she is so when she is in she will stand in the playground with me.


Parent Workshop Friday May 13th 9 – 11am from the Positive Parenting Project 

This workshop provides many tips on how to prevent your children fighting & developing aggressive behaviour, e.g. teaches them not to argue or fight and to share, take turns, and co-operate instead. Places are limited so please book through the school office (free crèche).


After School Club

I just wanted to apologise for some hiccups in the online registration on Monday April 11th: I know that Angela Majothi in the downstairs office worked well into the evening to support your applications. However please see her if you have any further queries.



Please make sure that the office has your email address: we want to be a paperless school.


Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment

The OAE, a famous orchestra, has been doing some outreach work with Reception and gave a concert last week to all the Reception classes and the pm Nursery. Two videos are on the website: please look when you have the chance as they are really life-enhancing.



I am very impressed with the number of bikes and scooters that I have seen this week, both parents and children: please continue to bring your bikes and scooters to school next week too: we want to be first in London this year as well as in Brent!



Thank you very much for all your contributions, which raised £560.


Chewing Gum

Please note that children may not bring chewing gum or any sweets to school. I have noticed a lot of chewing gum in the playground and even on the stairs (very time consuming to remove) as well as sweet wrappers. Your co-operation in this matter would be appreciated.


PILOT SCHEME: Kingswood Avenue free parking

Unfortunately the free parking has been suspended pending further consultation and the outlook is not hopeful. Please contact debby.huckle@brent.gov.uk with any comments.



Monday April 18th – Friday April 29th The Big Pedal

Thursday April 21st Rock & Roll Bingo (tonight!)

Sunday April 24th Dig Day in the Greenspace

Wednesday May 25th International Evening

Monday May 2nd, Thursday May 5th, Thursday June 23rd School CLOSED (see below)

Saturday July 2nd SUMMER FAIR 11am – 3pm





(usually WEDNESDAYS 9.10am but please note exceptions)


27.04.16  1  Aquamarine     28.04.16    1 Azurite (Thurs)     04.05.16  1 Amethyst            


12.05.16 Rumanite (Thurs) 24.05.16 Rec. Rhodolite (Tues) 26.05.16 Rec. Ruby (Thurs)


15.06.16   2 Sunstone           16.06.16  2 Sardonyx (Thurs)   22.06.16   2  Sapphire


06.07.16 Nursery am & pm



Thank you for all your continued kindness and support.



With all good wishes




Linda Kiernan (Headteacher)                                                             



TERM DATES 2015/2016



Half Term                    Monday 30th May 2016 to Friday 3rd June 2016

Term Ends                   Tuesday 19th July 2016 1.30 pm


BANK HOLIDAY Monday 2nd May 2016

SCHOOL ALSO CLOSED Thursday 5th May/Thursday June 23rd 2016 for Elections


REMAINING INSET DAY Wednesday 20th July 2016



TERM DATES 2016/2017


Autumn Term: Monday September 5th – Friday December 16th 2016 (1.30pm)


Autumn Half-term: Saturday October 22nd – Monday October 31st (inclusive)


Spring Term: Wednesday January 4th – Friday March 31st 2017 (1.30pm)


Spring Half-term Saturday February 11th – Sunday February 19th 2017 (inclusive)


Summer Term: Tuesday April 18th – Friday July 21st 2017 (1.30pm)


Summer Half-term Saturday May 27th – Sunday June 4th 2017 (inclusive)


INSET Days: 01.09.16, 02.09.16, 03.01.17, 31.10.16, 24.07.17