Salusbury funfair day

22nd July 2016

On Friday 15th July Salusbury turned into a funfair as a surprise for children, parents and Mrs Kiernan. We wanted to celebrate our OFSTED result and send off Mrs Kiernan in style. In the evening we held a celebration in the Greenspace for all those who are leaving (including several governors and our Chair of Governors Dot Griffiths).
As you can see from the photographs below a great time was had by all. Quotes from the children include:
"I never have played golf before but I am good at it. I will be a golf champion" (Reception child)
"This is the best day of my life" (Y1 child)
"This is one step away from heaven" (Y2 child eating lunch)
"Can we have this every week ?" (Y3 child)
"Can we go on these things for free as much as we want?.... Yess... this is wicked" (Y4 child)
"I think the day has been great, I don't want to go home" (Y5 child)
" I think it is cool that teachers went on the rides as well" (Y6 child)