Living Together - Year 6

Pupils held a class debate discussing what Refugee, Asylum seeker and migrant terms meant, exploring feelings around those terms. Children learned how they are similar and how they are different.                       


Y6 students also explored what has been reported in the news, finding out that not all
reporters are sympathetic to refugees. This linked to a debate on controversial issues of migration. Thinking about what affect do you think this could have on their readers was a very powerful activity where children had to reflect on how media affect our views and opinions.


One of the activities we will be sharing with El Carmen School is where students have to imagine they were a family who have to leave their home country quickly and become refugees. Having only 5 minutes to leave: which 8 items will you take and which will you leave behind? Pupils will be holding a debate Link up with partner school to compare migration issues internationally. How did taking part in these activities make you feel? Was it difficult to choose what to take? If you could only take ONE item with you, what would it be? We are looking forward to receiving students ‘views from El Carmen and compare them with ours!


  ‘I enjoyed making artwork with memories of Salusbury. I loved thinking about all the different points of view from different newspapers and learnt that not all reporters are sympathetic with Refugees. I also liked being able to see from a refugee point of view and seeing what I would take with me if I had to leave in a hurry. It made me reflect on what is important and valuable to me’  Y6 pupil

Children had to reflect on challenging issues like exploring the experiences and difficulties that refugees face. What impact would having your possessions taken away from you be? How might you feel? Stay or Leave that is the question...What factors make it easier or harder for new arrivals to settle in a country? What factors sometimes make it hard for people in a new country to welcome new arrivals? All these activities helped children to express empathy, explore a range of viewpoints and look for deeper reasons why conflict happens.


In a Refugee based Art activity children looked at some of the watercolour sketches that artist Nick Hayes created, depicting the refugee camp ('The Jungle') in Calais, France. Inspired by his Art, students sketched TEN scenes and special objects around the school.  They thought about which places, scenes and objects in the school were special to them. They then used watercolour to colour these in. 


‘During Refugee Week I learnt many things like the difference between an expat and a migrant. I particularly enjoyed going around the school drawing memories of when we were younger and we later water-coloured those memories’. Y6 student



Students researched migration in a local context learning about the origin and development of Salusbury World Charity

‘Our mission is to support and empower refugee and migrant children, young people and families to overcome obstacles, realise their rights and potential and participate fully in society’ Salusbury World