New pre-school block: our next big project

The next big project at Mbollet-Ba is the build of a new pre-school block. Great progress has been made in moving towards new teaching methods around discovery, creative play, experiment and imagination. But in the nursery level, it's going to require specially designed environments to go much further. The old concrete cubes currently used as classrooms for age 4 to 6 were designed for learning-by-rote. 
We are now launching fundraising for making this building. It will cost £22000 to design and build. Already we have £5,000 from one donor, and the same again pledged by the volunteer designers and architects who will live in Mbollet-Ba for 3 months to build it. So it's about half way there !
Now we are looking for foundation pledges of £1000 each from donors or groups of donors. Please think if you can contribute, or now someone who would like to do this. The benefits and project are on the attached sheet. We are working through Our Global School, an organisation that spans Salusbury and QPCS, to build on both schools'  partnerships in Africa.