November 17 - Mbollet-ba’s children have water taps at their toilets !

Mbollet-ba’s children have water taps at their toilets !

Everyone likes their school to have clean arrangements for washing, drinking and toileting. Here’s what happens in the very low-income farming village in The Gambia where we have our partner school.


Lack of clean water and toilets had been a major problem for Mbollet-ba’s 400 students. At around the time Salusbury was upgrading its own toilets, our community got organised in 2011 to help sort it out at the African end too, with a sponsored event in Queens Park.  By  2012 Mbollet-ba School had moved from one open shallow well with buckets, to a deep borehole and pump that fed a tank with 1000 litres of clean water a day. There were 4 drinking water taps on the site. The water system needs occasional attention and maintenance. We put in an additional storage tank in 2015 and dug the borehole deeper, also replacing the pump and its solar panel in 2016. Water is always a struggle here on the edge of the Sahara.


Toilet blocks were constructed in 2016 with a squat-type of loo and sewage tanks. Mbollet-ba now has separate toilets for nursery (3 cubicles) and the main school students (4 cubicles) while the teachers have two cubicles. How does that compare to Salusbury ?


We can now report that in October all these toilets were finally connected to the school water system and taps put in near the toilets for hygeine and regular cleaning. A long wait but worth it! One difference with Salusbury: at Mbollet-ba the children have to do the toilet cleaning. At least they now have water nearby to do it.