Rock Steady

13th January 2017

This week we had musician Matt come in to school to give a 'Rock Steady' concert. It was loud, fun and hugely entertaining. 6 Jade enjoyed it so much they felt compelled to write some feedback for the website:

I enjoyed the Rock Steady concert. It felt amazing – it was so much fun to sing along and listen to all the different instruments. Matt asked us questions so we felt like we were part of the band. He enthralled the crowd, we were active for the whole thing. Every second or minute we were listening and thinking. It was AMAZING! By Gracie


 I felt the rock concert was great because you had a chance to interact with all the instruments (electric guitar, electric drums, keyboard and most importantly your voice). I felt like I was at a festival. Everyone could sing along. By Eve


 I really enjoyed the rock concert because it taught me things about how instruments can be acoustic or electric. Also it was live music and was very noisy, just like at a real concert. I’ve been inspired by Matt to play the keyboard because it can be very funky.  By Gabriel


The rock concert has inspired me to join the Rock Steady school. It has also made me want to play a musical instrument. I enjoyed it because we were able to join in. By Ryan


 I enjoyed it because all the songs that Matt played I liked. However, it seemed like it was too loud. It inspired me to play one of the instruments. I also liked it because he was playing one of my favourite genres of music (Rock).


I thought it was generous to have a concert and get a little taste of the instruments so you could play in the future. I also loved getting to sing a long – it lifted the mood. By Emily


I enjoyed it because it felt like I was at a concert. I also liked hearing all the instruments. Lastly, I liked Matt’s enthusiasm. By Bryk


We are hoping that Matt will be back to do some more workshops with our children and we can post some videos next time!