School Funding cuts

17th March 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

 You may be aware that many schools are facing a challenging financial environment. In December 2016, the National Audit Office confirmed that schools in England are facing an 8.0% real terms reduction in spending between 2014-15 and 2019-2020. This is equivalent to £3bn worth of cuts nationally.

 In April 2018, the Government plans to introduce the new National Funding Formula (NFF). The NFF has been designed to even out the historic imbalance between funding for schools in inner city areas, which have received higher per pupil funding, and those in other areas of the country, which receive less. However, rather than just increasing budgets for those with less, the intention is to take money away from inner city schools to facilitate this redistribution.

 Under the NFF, a significant number of schools in England will face additional cuts (up to 3%) on top of the £3bn real terms spending reduction outlined above.


What does this mean for Brent schools?

As detailed above, schools in London and other large urban areas stand to lose funding as a result of the new NFF proposals. This results in a 1.4% cut to the existing resources available to Brent to fund schools. It is anticipated that 92% of the mainstream schools in the borough will lose funding under the proposals, including all primary schools, with an average loss of £30,000.


What does this mean for Salusbury school?


Brent Council have estimated that our funding will be reduced by £40,000 per year and we will have a range of cost pressures including significant increases in employers’ contributions for National Insurance, teachers’ pensions and the new apprenticeship levy. Salusbury School is currently in a secure financial position and we will continue to manage our finances very carefully but, going forward, we will need to manage a challenging financial environment. 


What to do if you would like to know more or share your views

Headteachers across England are crying out to the government for help but we do not feel we are being heard. We need your help to show local and central government that school funding is in crisis. I will of course be working with Governors to ensure we do whatever we can to limit the worst effects of the cuts and will also be lobbying our local MP, Tulip Saddiq, so that she is aware of the negative impact such cuts will have on our school. You may also wish to get in touch with her to express your concern  


You may also wish to sign an online petition at and submit your views to the government consultation about the NFF online at: which is open until 22 March 2017. Some suggested answers from Bren council can be seen in the document below

Yours sincerely,


Debby Rigby