Spanish Day

21st March 2018


İHola! Spanish Day is coming up. At Salusbury we will be CELEBRAR ‘El dia español’ on Wednesday 28th March. Spanish food, ASAMBLEAS, workshops, MUSICA, dance and ARTE activities will take place on the day.  

To help children really immerse themselves on the day, they have the OPCION to come to school dressed in the Spanish COLORES of yellow and red  or wear a traditional Spanish outfits such as Flamenco dress. As ESPAñOL is the main spoken language in 21 countries, children could also wear LOS COLORES of the flag of any of those Spanish speaking countries.

It will be FANTASTICO to have help from our Spanish speaking parents. This means that children can BENEFICIAR from learning from other native speakers. If you would like to read in your child’s CLASE, please speak to your child’s class teacher.