We would like to introduce you to the staff at Salusbury.  Our leadership team work closely together, and with the staff as a whole, to ensure we are moving forwards as a school and delivering the best possible education for the children of Salusbury. 

Our staff are a strong and dynamic group of teachers and teaching assistants, with creative approaches to learning. They go above and beyond the requirements of teachers for the benefit of the whole school community and this is what makes Salusbury such an integral part of the local community.



Head Teacher:
Michelle Ginty
Deputy Head teachers: 
Rachel Linkletter and Stephanie Armstrong
Assistant Head teachers:
Yasmin Hussain and Zoe Hibbert
SENCO: Shannel Robinson
Early Year Teachers:
Nursery: Semia Charfeddine
Rhodolite: Terri Sleep
Rumanite: Nicole Greenidge
Ruby: Becky Kilner and Adam Staples
Year 1 Teachers:
Aquamarine: Gabriella Roberts and Caitlin Gout
Amethyst: Adam Francies
Azurite: Zoe Hibbert and Lisa Fusco
Year 2 Teachers:
Sapphire: Leo Gomez
Sunstone: Mari Jones
Sardonyx: Mansukh Hirani
Year 3 Teachers:
Malachite: Jennifer Charles
Morganite: Gillian Self
Moonstone: Richard Jarman
Year 4 Teachers:
Onyx: Carline Nabbe
Opal: Meena Sharda
Obsidian: Farah Rousan
Year 5 Teachers:
Turquoise: Aimee Campbell
Tanzanite: Jack Bunting
Topaz: Andy Bate
Year 6 Teachers:
Jade: Natalie Walker
Jet: Elin Jones
Jasper: Viv Young