The Governing body

If you would like to contact the governors, please e-mail  the chair of governors Robin Chalmers on the following email address, mark the e-mail as for the attention of the Chair of Governors: 
You can also contact him at:
Salusbury Primary School
Salusbury Road

Type of Governor


Term Expires


LA (1)




Parents (2)

Rob Sellers


8 December 2017

7 December 2021

Robin Chalmers

Chair of Governors

22 June 2016

21 June 2020

Co-opted (7)






Karen Kennedy Medford

31 January 2018

30 January 2022

Esther Eldridge


9 October 2019

8 October 2023

Sanjay Gandhi  


22 January 2020

21 January 2024

Ginny Skinner

31 January 2018

30 January 2022

Claire Morris

Vice Chair

31 January 2018

30 January 2022

Dr Sarah Richardson


22 January 2020

21 January 2024

Head (1)

Michelle Ginty


Staff (1)

Natalie Walker

28 February 2017

27 February 2021



Rachel Linkletter


Yasmin Hussain


Stephanie Armstrong


Zoe Hibbert

Karl Murray



Finance, Property & Staffing – Robin Chalmers (Chair), Alan Edwards, Michelle Ginty (Headteacher), Rob Sellers and Karl Murray (SBM) plus Chair of Governors (Claire Morris)


Teaching Learning & Standards – Karen Kennedy Medford (Chair), Michelle Ginty (Headteacher), Natalie Walker, Esther Eldridge, Sarah Richardson, Sanjay Gandhi and Rachel Linkletter and Yasmin Hussain invitees, plus Chair of Governors (Claire Morris)


Safeguarding and Pupil Well-Being – Ginny Skinner (Chair), Michelle Ginty (Headteacher), Natalie Walker, Esther Eldridge, Sarah Richardson, Sanjay Gandhi,  plus Chair of Governors (Claire Morris), Invitees Zoe Hibbert & Stephanie Armstrong


Pupil Discipline Committee – Any three available governors (excluding the Headteacher)

Staff Dismissal Committee – Any three governors (excluding the Headteacher)


Staff Dismissal Appeal Committee – Any three available governors (excluding the Headteacher and those serving on the initial Staff Dismissal Committee)


Complaints Panel – Any three available governors (excluding the Headteacher)

The procedural committees from which panels would be drawn to consider cases as and when required:


Headteacher’s Performance Review Committee – Claire Morris and Rob Sellers

                   Review Officer – Alan Edwards


Pay & Staffing Committee (subcommittee of Finance Property & Staffing) – Alan Edwards, Robin Chalmers & Rob Sellers 


Pay Appeals Committee – Claire Morris and Karen Kennedy Medford


Salusbury Primary School – Link Governors


Link areas

Link Governors


Robin Chalmers/Natalie Walker

Health & Safety and Premises

Rob sellers


Karen Kennedy Medford


Karen Kennedy Medford

Wider Curriculum (e.g. Science, Music, Languages etc)

Alan Edwards


Karen Kennedy Medford


Esther Eldridge

Community Linkage

Ginny Skinner

Governor Training



Claire Morris

A link governor is a member of the governing board that is appointed to oversee a specific aspect of the work of the school.

What does the role of link governor involve?

The role of link governor will vary according to the nature of the appointment. However, in general a link governor role would involve the following specific tasks:

  • Keeping up to date with the area of interest, and attending relevant training
  • Making focused visits to the school
  • Acting as a link between a relevant staff member and the governing body, by meeting regularly to discuss the area of interest
  • Monitoring the implementation of relevant policies, and discussing their impact with the staff member
  • Regularly reporting to the governing body, and making recommendations where appropriate

Link governor appointment

There is no statutory obligation for governing boards to appoint link governors. Governing boards are free to choose how they structure their governance arrangements, and can therefore decide which, if any, roles are delegated to individuals.

Governing boards should collectively assign link governor roles, with the agreement of the individual taking the role. Link governor positions should then be reviewed annually.

Why do we have link Governors?

The Department for Education recommends that governing boards appoint an individual governor or committee to have oversight of governor training, and another for special educational needs (SEN) provision in the school.

Other link governor positions should be chosen in line with the school’s improvement priorities, and in partnership with senior and middle managers. Governing bodies may also choose to appoint a link governor for a particular subject area, for example, or for safeguarding.