What makes you happy? Year 3

Year 3 students explored the things which make different people happy. They reflected on happiness and its relationship with identity and belonging. In collaboration with our Spanish partner school, children thought about what makes them happy. They recorded their statements in posters and cards, which were shared with their classes before sent to Spain via post. Children found that while some material things are important to them and made them happy (e.g a favourite game); equally, they found happiness could come from other sources. For example by spending time with their best friend or by singing a song to their little brother or sister.  Children in El Carmen School sent us videos and posters of their happy statements which were shared with our Salusbury students. This exchange of happy statements made lead to reflection and class discussion of similarities and differences between children from both schools.

‘Children enjoyed reflecting on and sharing ideas about what makes them happy, finding common themes amongst them. They also benefited from comparing their own thoughts and ideas with those of children from another country and finding how similar they were’   Y3 Salusbury teacher


I enjoyed the engagement of the children in class and the opportunity to compare with pupils from El Carmen School. Another reminder that we have far more in common with our neighbouring countries than we have differences’   Y3 Salusbury teacher


‘It was very interesting to learn what make other children happy’  Y3 student

‘I enjoyed recording videos of us sharing our happy statements’   Y3 student