Year 4 Fiesta 2019!

Our Year 4 activity was entitled ‘ Fiesta’ . The aims of this activity were for children at Salusbury to

  • Learn about how our partner school celebrates their festival
  • Learn how their community gets involved in the celebrations
  • To understand what is similar and what is different between the two cultures
  • to develop a greater insight into their own culture and festivals in UK

In collaboration with MBollet Ba students, our Year 4 children explored a festival and prepared guide or pack about a festival from their own culture that was shared with partner school. Salusbury students learnt about the Eid festival that students in MBollet Ba had researched. while  children in the Gambia learnt about the festival of Easter that Salusbury students had worked on.

Some of the Activities Salusbury students completed included::

  • Researching the history of Easter festival
  • Writing an information pack about the festival that was sent to Mbollet-Ba pupils
  • Designing and making Easter bonnets 
  • Easter parade including singing Easter songs
  • Designing the menu and hosting an afternoon tea for  family members
The children then learnt about the Eid festival from Mbollet Ba students and looked at similarities and differences between the two.
I think it is very nice for children to be able to have parents in school during school time. It is great to see the children’s hats and hear them singing’ Year 4 Salusbury parent


In February of this year one of our teachers along with several community members went over to the Gambia and visited Mbollet-Ba school. Our teacher took over some Hot Cross Buns for the children to try as an introduction to Salusbury's work on Easter.

 The children in Mbollet-Ba put on a play and sent us photgraphs and information
The play was about a festival. Eid-Ul-Fitr a Muslim Eid. Pupils role play on how it's celebrated. First the men and some women in the morning went to the mosque for prayers, then some women will wait at home to prepare the breakfast for all the family members. After the prayers they will visit each others compounds, then everyone will get back to their homes. The women will prepare the lunch for the all family members again. After lunch the children will put on their new clothes and go for( salibo) means going to each home in the village and some children go from one village to the other and their families and relatives will go them money or sweets for ("salibo").After the Eid the children will use the money they get from their salibo to make a party and cook nice food. So the play was all about the festival Eid-Ul-Fitr.’      Teacher at MBollet Ba School