Salusbury Primary School

Our Staff

We would like to introduce you to the staff at Salusbury.

Our leadership team work closely together, and with the staff as a whole, to ensure we are moving forwards as a school and delivering the best possible education for the children of Salusbury. 

Our staff are a strong and dynamic group of teachers and teaching assistants, with creative approaches to learning. They go above and beyond the requirements of teachers for the benefit of the whole school community and this is what makes Salusbury such an integral part of the local community.


Executive Head Teacher:                                                                             Head of School:

Michelle Ginty                                                                                                     Rachel Linkletter 


Deputy Head:                                                                                                     SENCO:                                                             

Viviana Young                                                                                                     Rhiannon Jewell

School Business Manager:

Karl Murray


Admin Team:

Angela Majothi (Receptionist)

Jacqui Lehane (Admissions)
Michael Igbiri (Lettings and Finance)

Inclusion Team:

Rhiannon Jewell (SENCO)          Ellie Port-Rose            Caroline Urul

Early Years:

Nursery: Nicole Greenidge
Rhodolite: Maggie Burns
Rumanite: Maliq Mustafa
Ruby: Siobhan Gallagher - EYFS Phase Leader
Support Staff: Michelle Harubi        Ela Zaprawa       Victoria Arku      Shema Boshora       Linda Pierce        Lauren Landy              Debbie Grant   Kerry Gurrin

Year 1:

 Amethyst: Aylin Calim
Aquamarine: Nina Preston
Azurite:  Eryn Kennedy 

Year 1& 2 Interventions: Lisa Fusco

Support Staff:   Tracy Davis      Irem Brace    

Year 2 :

Sapphire: Brianna Dickenson
Sunstone: Emily Curtis
Sardonyx: Mansukh Hirani - Y1&2 Phase leader
Support Staff:   Norin Akhtar (HLTA across 1&2)           April McKenzie              Mehret Ayele         Ribka Hagopian

Year 3 :

Malachite: Molly Inglis
Morganite: Clarissa Kennedy
Moonstone: Jaeli Willoughby
Y3 & 4 Support Staff:  Beverley Deans     Tammy Owen    Donna Harris    Shereen Lewis     tbc

Year 4 :

Onyx: Adam Francies and Danielle Barish
Opal: Andy Bate - Year 3&4 Phase Leader
Obsidian: Stephanie Meagher
Y3 & 4 Support Staff:  Beverley Deans     Tammy Owen    Donna Harris    Shereen Lewis     tbc

Year 5 :

Turquoise: Claudia Ash
Tanzanite: Anna Myers
Topaz: Sarah Jabeen
Y5 Support staff:   Kate Kembery    Caroline Urul       Ribka Hagopian        Raja Alsalemi       Mary Anthony

Year 6 :

Jade: Sharmin Begum
Jet: James Lister
Jasper: Owain Cleary Year 5&6 Phase Leader
Y6 Support Staff:    Sara Rogerson       Lalita Hirani      Sophia Moraes

Specialist Teaching:

Ana Chapela (Spanish)
Lynne Whiteread (Art) 
Sue Marshall (Forest School)