Salusbury Primary School

El-Carmen Partner School

At Salusbury we have an international link with El Carmen School, a Primary school in Cuenca, Spain.

School partnerships are a great way to bring international education to life for young learners, and the benefits of doing joint projects with international schools are wide-reaching. Since 2014  has an international link with El Carmen, a Primary school in Cuenca, Spain.

 Over the years Salusbury and El Carmen have developed their partnership by sharing collaborative projects such as ‘Culture in a Box’, ‘What Makes you Happy’ and ‘Simple Sounds Makes Great Music’. We have also been writing pen pal letters to our international peers and in 2019 Salusbury hosted a teacher from El Carmen.

 In ‘Culture in a Box’ the idea is that children from both schools send each other a box containing twelve objects representative of their countries together with a brief explanation of each one. In this way, they will learn many aspects related to the way of life in their partner’s country.

 In March 22, a group of Y4 students had the invaluable opportunity to visit El Carmen School and meet face to face their international peers, develop their language skills, and  learn more in-depth about the culture.