Salusbury Primary School


English at Salusbury pays balanced attention to the integration of knowledge, to processes and to creativity. We want our learners to be effective communicators – in varied forms and of increasingly sophisticated content – and to have enjoyable learning experiences.

 The curriculum has been designed to feature high quality novels and books for Reading and language acquisition, Talk for Writing, have a strong grammar focus, as well as exposure to and experience of a range of dramatic performances.

In addition, we believe in providing the children with as many enrichment opportunities as we can in order to inspire their learning. A few of the opportunities which are promoted through the English curriculum are:

Poetry Week – This is carried out as a whole school event over Autumn 1. Each year group learns different poetic forms and devices in order to produce fantastic and progressive pieces of writing. Anthologies of poems are created and performance assemblies celebrate the best poems from each of the year groups

Phil McDermott, The Story Spinner DVD resources and school visits– Using a vast array of stories to build on experiences, vocabulary and enjoyment of spoken word.

Visiting authors, poets, and dramatists: Neal Zetter, Simon Mole, Sophie Herxheimer, Scarebeus Aerial Theatre.

Shakespeare fortnight with The Primary Shakespeare Company with new plays studied each year.

  We continually review our  English provision, book selections, writing topics and workshops to achieve full love and command of the language.