Salusbury Primary School

Salusbury as an International School

In 2022 Salusbury was re-accredited as an International School by the British Council in recognition of our work to bring the world into the classroom.

The International School Award celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life work in today’s world.

 The British Council, said: “It is clear to see that Saulsbury Primary School continues to build and embed a real global learning ethos which is reflected in and informing long-term planning and policy. There is real evidence that a whole school approach is being developed through the embedding of outcomes / an international focus across the curriculum and in the teaching and learning experience for all. This is supported by a range of long standing international initiatives and participation in the funded Turing scheme. The school has well established links with Spain and Turkey which are being used as an effective vehicle with which to enable increased awareness of ways of life, cultures and experiences in the world. A range of excellent activities have taken place ”

In 2021 Salusbury applied for, and was successful in gaining funding from the Turing scheme to take a group of learners abroad to both Spain and Turkey in 2022. Take a look at our partner school pages for more information on each of the schools and the visits, as well as our social media. The Turing Scheme has enabled Salusbury to offer life-changing experiences for our students to develop personally and academically .  Going abroad to visit partner schools has helped students to develop transferable skills, gain vital international experience and broaden their horizons. These experiences have helped to develop cultural awareness and become more open-minded citizens. 

 International Policy