Salusbury Primary School

Salusbury as an International School

Salusbury School’s international activities have, grown in scale, breadth and energy since attaining the Intermediate International School Award in 2014.

Working towards the Intermediate Level has given our pupils a better sense of what life is like in other countries and by doing so, a better perspective on their own place in the world.” 

International Coordinator

We now want to work towards even higher goals within our global citizenship work by further enriching of our learning and teaching through international working.

We wish recognize this work and the efforts and achievements our wonderful staff and pupils by applying for International School Award - Accreditation level. We have strong links with schools in Spain and The Gambia, undertaking regular reciprocal visits, which have had an invaluable impact on the learning and engagement of children internationally. We have a specialist Spanish teacher and many of our team are fluent within the language. Our international curriculum offers experiences that open children's minds and facilitates their understanding and knowledge. This promotes an empathy that supports their development as responsible, compassionate global citizens. Our pupils have raised awareness in our community on the plight of refugees, gender issues, Black History Month exhibitions in local libraries and worked on environmental issues.

At Salusbury Primary School we offer children a range of experiences, which arouse their interest and develop their understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world.

International work also raises awareness of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural world and gives children an insight into their own culture and that of others. It is an excellent medium for cross-curricular links, helping to reinforce the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects.

By having an international dimension as part of our ethos, we can also provide children and staff with a wider variety of experiences both within and in addition to the National Curriculum.