Salusbury Primary School

International Visitors




Summer 2019

Hosting Josemi from El Carmen School has enabled pupils and staff to have a better understanding of other cultures. The exposure to different education systems and assessment methods has helped teachers from both countries to explore different  pedagogies and reflect on their own teaching practice.







 March 2019


This March we hosted a group of students form Japan who were in London to put into practice the English Language skills they had learning in school. Our students loved having them in school and finding out about the differences in schooling between the two countries. The reviews from the Japanese students were also overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to welcoming some more students in 2020.






In Autumn 2019  Salusbury began a project with our Maths Hub which allowed our Maths lead to spend some time in Shanghai observing their teachers, meeting staff and teaching lessons to their children.


In February, teachers then came to our school for 2 weeks, and taught lessons to both Year 2 and Year 5. The opportunity for collaboration and  the exchange of ideas was invaluable and had a tangible impact on the way we teach Maths at Salusbury.