Salusbury Primary School

Refugee Week

Every Year at Salusbury we celebrate refugee week in a variety of ways and we work very closely with our partners 'Salusbury World' to do this. 

Refugee Week is a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities. S

This year at Salusbury we linked a Year 5  ‘No place like home’ activity with our Refugee Week celebrations. Our Yr 5 students took part in class activities to consider the situation of refugees, usually people who move from one country to another in order to escape from something or someone.

Throughout the week, students explored issues on migration and learnt about different reasons for leaving home countries. They also explored feelings around having to leave home and in groups generated a shared definition of what constitutes home. Children deepened their knowledge of different homes in different contexts, including homelessness.

Pupils created stunning No place like home Art work to explore and reflect on the different experiences and emotions that Refugees may feel after leaving their homes. The artwork created was based on the refugee experience, using watercolour paper, but using COFFEE and water INSTEAD of paint. Coffee painting begun with Refugee & Asylum seeker artists in Australian immigration detention centres who, unable to easily access paints and other art materials, learned to use what was available to them! It is now an art style symbolic to the refugee journey around the world, and has been used to convey the journey experienced by thousands of people seeking asylum through art.

‘It was very interesting to learn about all the different countries that refugees come from to the UK’

Y5 pupil

‘I learnt the difference between asylum seekers and refugees, I didn’t know this before’ 

Y5 pupil

‘Learning about why people become refugees, such as not feeling safe in their own country because of their religion’ 

Y5 pupil

‘The activities carried out during Refugee Week have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the students of Salusbury Primary school. As we have several students who are from refugee backgrounds in attendance at school, it has been a brilliant opportunity for them to share their lived experiences and allow others to learn about them’

Y5 teacher

Refugee Week has had a marked impact on the school, helping students and staff alike to stimulate a strong interest in the lives of refugees in both the local community and abroad. It has allowed for greater collaboration with the Salusbury World charity, allowing a mutually enriching experiences for both.’

Y5 teacher

At the end of the week and in collaboration with Y6, children put together a ‘sharing learning’ assembly where they celebrated all the great work produced during Refugee Week.

‘We tried to imagine what it would be like if we were forced to leave our homes, taking only a few possessions! These tasks proved very tricky, with lots of challenging discussions about NEEDS and WANTS.’

Y5 Salusbury student


YEAR 5 groups debating what to take and where to go!