Salusbury Primary School

Blended Learning 


How can children find their lessons?

Since September 2020, we have been using the Google Classrooms platform in order to provide home learning for all children in Year 1 and above. Your child will have been issued with their google details and for those in Key Stage 2 will have been using the platform in school and to complete homework. 
At Salusbury, we aim to reflect our rich and varied curriculum in our home learning plans. We are following our usual curriculum plans and adapting them so they are suitable for home learning. Teachers will be doing this through a mixture of live-streamed sessions through Zoom, pre-recorded lessons (so that children can access the lessons at a time that suits them) and independent activities to complete.
Teachers will offer daily feedback through Google classrooms on all work submitted. Live sessions also offer the opportunity for teachers to see your child's understanding in real-time.
You can find more information about our remote learning for Years 1-6 here


Nursery and Reception classes

In our early years classes, teachers are connecting with families through Tapestry.  Families are sharing with teachers all the things their children have been up to. Home learning packs containing key information including passwords were sent home. If you have misplaced your passwords then please contact the school office and we will resend them to you. Please see the document below for more information.

What can we do if we are having trouble accessing our Google Classroom?


If you have mis-placed your log-in details please contact the school office who will be able to help with the re-issuing of passwords.
At Salusbury we have been working closely with Elsley Primary to develop our Google Classroom provision. Their team have created some very helpful videos for pupils and parents to support them with any difficulties they may encounter.



  What can we do if we are struggling with a lack of suitable devices and/or internet?

If you do not have sufficient devices at home to access home learning and/or have internet difficulties at home then please contact the school office to speak to Mrs Linkletter or Miss Armstrong.
We have a range of ways we can help including the loan of Chromebooks, the ordering of 4G routers and the increase of data allowances.

When the children are back in school, what happens if my child has to self-isolate?

 Your class teacher will be recording over the slides of the lessons each week and uploading these to Google classroom. Your child will therefore be able to access the same lessons as the children in school. Your teacher will also contact you to support you at this time.