Salusbury Primary School


At Salusbury, we’re growing a generation of children who can change the world through science. Would you like to join in?

Don’t you agree that we live in a world where science is the key to solving some of the biggest issues our planet has ever faced? Climate change. Global pandemics. Feeding 10 billion people. Access to clean drinking water. Marine and wildlife conservation. The list goes on.

We want our children, who live in a great city where scientific innovation is all around them, to be prepared to be part of the solution. So at Salusbury, we help them develop the skills and knowledge to go on and change the world through science.

To do this, we inspire scientific…

…curiosity: a sense of excitement and inquisitiveness about the world they live in

…perspective: an experience of the big challenges that face the world and how we can make a difference in our local community

…knowledge: an understanding of the big ideas in science

…creativity: an enthusiasm to apply these ideas creatively to solve problems

 Science Overview Y1-6


From engineering marble runs, to cataloguing our local trees. From designing contraptions for egg landings, to creating habitats for wild animals. Our children start their love of science in the Early Years with Forest School and they continue to have a hands-on, practical and innovative experience of science all the way through to Year 6. Take a look at what our children have been up to, even in lockdown.

 Salusbury Youtube Channel


We are proud to be recognised for our high quality science curriculum.

In June 2020, we were awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark as a recognition of the high quality science provision at Salusbury.





We are always looking for experts to bring their knowledge to our children. Have you got scientific experience to share?

We would like our children to meet and listen to people who have scientific backgrounds, careers and specialist knowledge. Not only is it an opportunity for children to learn more, but it can also inspire them to think of science as a potential career. Please get in touch if you can share your love or expertise in any science field.