Salusbury Primary School


Salusbury Science Principles

At Salusbury, these are the principles that our science curriculum is founded on. We believe science learning should:

Foster curiosity

Children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for science is promoted at every opportunity

Prioritise practical

Pupil led practical ‘hands on’ science learning is carefully planned for and maximised, giving a real life context where possible 

Get outside

Our outside area (Greenspace) and local area are utilised to provide regular outdoor learning experiences.

 Be scientific

Correct (age-appropriate) scientific vocabulary is confidently used and modelled by staff. There is an emphasis on enquiry-led learning


Pupils get to meet real scientists and engineers to see how STEM subjects are used in the work place. With our careers month we aim to inspire the next generation and raise aspirations for future STEM careers

 Be fun

Science should be engaging and fun