Salusbury Primary School


Salusbury has a strong musical pulse beating throughout all of our year groups! We are extremely lucky to be supported in our music teaching by Brent Music Service. Salusbury is proudly a Music's Cool school; an exciting, multi-cultural music programme, providing high quality music lessons, linked to the National Curriculum and delivered by music specialists.

Music’s Cool is a classroom-based programme which teaches music in a fun and creative, yet structured manner in partnership with class teachers. The carefully designed, progressive syllabus develops children’s musical skills and understanding in a practical way from Nursery through to Year 6.
With singing and performing at its heart, the programme gives children the opportunity to learn several instruments from a range of musical traditions.

Early Years- Children focus on singing and rhythm with engaging and fun filled lessons.

Key Stage One- Year 1 begin to learn the violin while Year 2 students are introduced to the recorder.


Lower Key Stage Two- Year 3 and 4 continue to build their skills with the recorder whilst also learning body percussion and the Tamboo Bamboo.


Upper Key Stage Two- Years 5 and 6 continue to build on their musical development whilst learning African drumming, samba, rap and beatboxing as well as the ukulele.


Singing assemblies and performances- Years 1- 6 participate in highly engaging and rousing singing assemblies weekly. The Nativity is an annual highlight in years 1 and 2 whilst year 3 star in the musical adaptation of The Snow Queen and Year 6 shine in their end of year production. 


Peripatetic Music Lessons- From Year 3 onwards students have the opportunity to learn an instrument in small group or individual sessions with experienced music tutors. Instruments currently include: Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Flute and Violin. 


Inter school music opportunities- There are many opportunities throughout the year for children to participate in musical ensembles organised by Brent Music such as choirs, orchestras and smaller group ensembles.