Salusbury Primary School

Vision and Values

At Salusbury Primary School, we are passionate about education, high achievement and equality of opportunity for all. 

Our dedicated and talented team work very hard to give all our children experiences that provide them with a fantastic start in life and ensure that when they leave our school, every child has a confidence, a self-belief and a love of learning that will stay with them forever.

We are very privileged to work in such a vibrant and dynamic community. We know that the partnership with our families and local community is an essential feature of our successful school. Salusbury is a safe and secure place where everyone is valued and we all work together to make sure that children are inspired creatively, challenged academically and nurtured in their emotional development.


Ofsted 2016

‘There is a strong ethos of effective teaching and learning and good behaviour.

Pupils benefit from a rich and creative curriculum and say that learning is fun.

Staff and parents are extremely positive about the school’s work and its leadership: creative, inspiring, fantastic and incredible are just some of the many positive words used by parents and staff.’