Salusbury Primary School


Our students are exposed to a range of creative extended writing opportunities during English lessons and across the curriculum. Throughout the school, teachers offer quality first teaching which allows for a structured week of learning. Due to the love of reading which we foster in the school, it allows for the childrens' imagination to be developed through writing and applying their awareness of vocabulary when putting pen to paper. The expectation and importance of continuous cursive handwriting is vital across the key stages as it enables the students to write with conscious control and at speed. 

What does a week at Salusbury look like?

 A sequence of lessons are planned over a week or a fortnight which link closely to a class novel. The book gives a scaffold to students being introduced to a range of genres across the term, both fiction and non-fiction. Students are given the chance to imitate, innovate and have an independent application of their newly taught skills.  At the beginning of the week, the pupils will learn the features of the genre, plan, draft, up level and publish a piece of work. Integrated during the week will be focused grammar progressions and technical language taught explicitly. We always have time to celebrate our final pieces of work within the classroom or on display around the school. Please see our reading and phonics page for more detailed information about those areas of the curriculum