Salusbury Primary School

How Salusbury School is Establishing a New International Link with Çayyaka School in Turkey


 At Salusbury, we embrace the opportunity to develop our global citizenship learning and international ethos. We believe that this helps broaden children's horizons and provide them with a new perspective on the world.

International links also raise awareness of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural world and gives children an insight into their own culture and that of others. It is an excellent medium for cross-curricular links, helping to reinforce the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects

 Salusbury’s International links are rapidly developing. During the summer of 2020, Ms Calim was fortunate to make a trip to Turkey where she was able to establish an international connection with Çayyaka.  school and find out more about their teaching and learning.

We are very excited that Salusbury has the opportunity to become a partner school with Çayyaka Ilkokulu, a small school in rural Turkish village.

 “At Salusbury we want to further our global citizenship learning by connecting classrooms at Salusbury with classrooms in Turkey.”




 So far we have....

4 Onyx were the lucky class to be the first to write to the children at Çayyaka Ilkokulu despite delays due to COVID-19, 4 Onyx received replies from their pen pals and have met them via Zoom.


We celebrated international week upon returning to school after a 12 week lockdown. During international week, Ms Calim delivered an assembly to introduce Çayyaka Ilkokulu to our Year 6s.

The Year 6s drew a picture of what they think they can see outside of Çayyaka Ilkokulu’s windows inspired by the book “Window” by Jeannie Baker. Ms Calim will be delivering the same lesson to Çayyaka Ilkokulu introducing Salusbury Primary School and asking the children what they think they can see outside our windows. We will then compare our pictures via a Zoom lesson.