Salusbury Primary School

 At Salusbury, we embrace the opportunity to develop our global citizenship learning and international ethos. We believe that this helps broaden children's horizons and provide them with a new perspective on the world.

International links also raise awareness of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural world and gives children an insight into their own culture and that of others. It is an excellent medium for cross-curricular links, helping to reinforce the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects

We are very excited that Salusbury has been developing a link with a partner school Çayyaka Ilkokulu - a small school in rural Turkish village.

The link first began in 2020 with Miss Calim going to the school to meeting the teachers and children and a penpal/zoom link was established. In 2022 we took our first group of Year 5 children to visit the school